African Civil Society Report

It doesn't often happen that Wouter De Vriendt (Member of the Chamber) comes to the Brussels Parliament, but on September 24, he made an exception to attend the meeting of the African diaspora at the initiative of

The president of the Truth Commission on the Colonial Past, which begins on December 1, left with a series of recommendations for the launch of the commission in the federal parliament.

Throughout the summer, representatives of the Congolese, Rwandan and Burundian diaspora have been discussing what our country should do with its colonial past, what their priorities are and where they think the focus should be. All this happened on the initiative of the Brussels non-profit organisation Change and their president Dido Lakama: "We must never forget that the decolonisation movement is part of a larger fight against racism and discrimination".

The main purpose of the meeting was to give impetus to greater involvement of African civil society, which sometimes feels neglected. “It is important that in addition to the experts, our experiences and voices are also heard,” the speakers said.

Their recommendations were put together in a report that Wouter De Vriendt and Pascal Smet, Secretary of State who will soon be working with a working group on the decolonisation of public space in Brussels, took with them.

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